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Wanted: Dig Your Spoon Into These Irresistibly Sweet Promos

We’re changing the rules of the game! We’re constantly coming up with great promotions designed especially for your needs. Our time-limited and carefully crafted-for-you promotions enable you to enjoy a great deal on your favorite meals everytime you simply don’t feel like cooking.

Lunch Special For $6.95

$1 Extra For Drink
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$59.95 Family Meal Deal

Get Great Deal Of: Any 3 Curries, 3 x Naan, 3 x Reg Rice, 1 x Onion Bhaji, 1 x Papadum, 1 x Raita
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$39.95 Meal Deal for 2

Get Great Value: Any 2 Curries, 2 x Naan, 1 x Onion Bhaji 1 x Reg Rice
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Curry and Pizza Deal $41.95

Any 2 Curries + Regular Pizza
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$25 Meal Deal

Get Great Value: Pappadums ,1 x Curry*, Naan, Reg Rice, Raita *Seafood not included
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Non-Vegetarian Special Banquet

Entrée Mixed platter Main 2 Non-Vege Mains*, raita, rice and 2 naan.
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Vegetarian Special Banquet

Entrée Vegetarian platter Main 2 Vegetarian Mains*, raita, rice and 2 naan.
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